The Lakeland Gators Youth Athletic Association, Inc. was established in the 1960's as a not for profit organization dedicated to providing the youth of Lakeland, a place to enjoy the sports of football and cheerleading.  While having fun, children learn valuable lessons about honesty, teamwork, loyalty, and respect.  The Lakeland Gators maintain a winning tradition both on and off the field.

The goal and focus of the Lakeland Gators is to promote a safe and enjoyable environment for young athletes to participate and excel in football and cheerleading.  To develop a true sense of sportsmanship and teamwork and nurture the fundamentals of honesty, integrity, and a positive self-image.  It's our belief that these values and virtues are important to their growth and to them becoming active members of our community and society.

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2019 Lakeland Gator Bylaws


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