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AGE AND WEIGHT DIVISIONS (Updated 2015 season)
Divisional Weights and Ages

Division allocation is determined by the "league age" of a child. A child's "league age" is
determined by  whatever the child's age was on July 31st. (Example:  For the 2014 season starting
in Feb 2014, the age would be based on July 31st, 2013. Yes that is 2013 - Therefore players play
under the same age as they did in their just previously ended fall season)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The FSYFL certifies a players weight at the beginning of the season and then does
NOT do any further weigh ins.  There are game check ins every week before a game where players are
check in against their paperwork in the Team File Folders, but they are NOT weighed in every week.

DIVISION: (Age is based on “League Age” determined by players age as of July 31st the previous year
that the spring season is being played in)

Tiny-Mite                   5 & 6yrs unlimited, 7yrs <75 lbs
Mitey-Mite                 7 & 8yrs unlimited, 9yrs <85 lbs
Pee Wee                    9 & 10yrs unlimited, 11yrs <95 lbs



Practices will be located at:

 Highland Park Church  4760 Lakeland Highlands Rd.   Lakeland, FL 33813



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